Stop Wasting Water, and Start Saving Money

Appliances in Your Home That Waste the Most Water

Water is a precious resource and it’s also a vital thing that all plants and animals need to live, so that makes it worth saving. So, when we pick appliances for our home, we should be careful of how much water they use.

SCentersville, GA Water Conserving Serviceso, what uses the most water in the home?

Toilets are #1 Water Wasters

Toilets use nearly a third of the water in the Cartersville home and that give them a potential to be huge water wasters.

Did you know that a leaky toilet can waste thousands of gallons of water a year? Another thing that can make them use up water is running all the time, which can waste gallons a day. If the mechanism in the tank is broken or damaged and old, it should be replaced to stop leaks.

One reason for that is that there are still a lot of homes that have the older style of toilets that use 3 gallons per flush versus the new, low flow toilets that only use about 1.5 gallons of water per flush.

Plus, some people flush their toilets too much. For instance, if you just blew your nose on a piece of tissue, don’t flush it! Throw it away! Your Cartersville home toilet is not a trash can

Washing Machines Also Waste Water

Washing machines can also be a culprit in water wasting for several reasons. First, always do full loads of clothes, not one or two items. It takes anywhere from around 27 to 53 gallons of water a load so it can make a huge difference.

So, if you have an old machine, upgrade to newer ones that use less than 27 gallons of water a load. This not only saves water, it will save you money too. In fact, if you have only one item, you could wash it by hand in a small bowl and thus save water too.

Dishwashers Use Lots of Water

Dishwashers are another wonderful device that helps us to do dishes easier, but it can and does have a tendency to waste water if used incorrectly.

First, save water by doing only full loads. Next, make sure your dishwasher doesn’t leak, as that would waste water too. And make sure that you don’t rinse off the dishes because that wastes water too, in fact that alone uses around 10 gallons of water you could have saved.

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