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When it’s all broken down, most of the plumbing issues that occur in your home will deal with the pipes. Either the pipes are clogged or the pipes are old or the pipes are damaged and need repairs. Having healthy pipes is crucial if you want your plumbing system to run smoothly. Repiping is a service that enables a plumber to address smaller sections of pipe and replace or repair them, without having to replace all of the piping, and with minimal disruption.

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Do You Need Repiping?

You could use repiping in a number of different scenarios that may occur in your home. These include rusty pipes that produce brown, cloudy looking water or water that tastes bad. It includes cracks, holes and splits in pipes and it includes sections of pipes with clogs or blockages that cause damage. The best way to determine if repiping is a good fit is to call in a professional plumber and have the pipes in question properly inspected. When you have an expert eye leading the way, you can rest easy knowing the right choice has been made.

Solutions for PEX and Copper

Most homes have either PEX piping or copper pipes, and repiping works well for each one. PEX refers to polyethylene pipes and most people are familiar with copper pipes. PEX piping is more flexible and has more give than copper, and it is also less expensive. On the flip side, copper is stronger and will typically last longer. If you’re in a position where you want to have new pipes added to your home, you can talk over the PEX vs. copper topic with your plumber to figure out which material works best for your home.

Older Pipes Could Use a Complete Overhaul

If you have older pipes in your home and portions are wearing thin, you can have smaller sections replaced with the repiping process, but you may benefit even more from having the whole thing replaced. This is especially true if you have galvanized pipes that may be polluting your household water Again, a consultation with your plumber will help you determine which option is best for your home.

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