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Most homeowners fear a gas leak, and for good reason. A gas leak is one of the more dangerous things that can happen in your home, and it is important to know the signs, the risks and to have a strategy in place for if it ever happens to you.

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Dangers of a Gas Leak

Having a gas leak in your home is a serious situation that poses several dangers. First and foremost is the risk of an explosion and/or fire. Natural gas and propane are highly flammable and if there is even the slightest spark in the vicinity of the leaking gas, damage to life or property could occur. Gas leaks that are not large enough to cause an explosion can still kill vegetation like grass and trees, and may damage property or surroundings. On top of all the life-threatening issues, a natural gas leak can also create greenhouse gas emissions and harm the environment.

How Will I Know?

Since natural gas has no color or odor, there is an ingredient added to the gas supply to give it that unpleasant rotten egg smell. This smell is one of the easiest ways to identify a gas leak, and it’s a signal to leave the house and stop using anything that could create a spark. If the leak is coming from a gas line in your house, you may also hear a hissing noise as the gas escapes the line.

Taking Decisive Action Is Key

The key to handling a gas leak safely is to take quick and decisive action as soon as you realize what has taken place. Don’t turn on any lights or use electrical outlets, and move everyone out of the house as soon as possible. You should call your local emergency number, but not from inside the house. Explain the situation, follow any instructions and be sure to give us a call and let us know what’s going on.

As soon as you notice any sign of a gas leak on your property, call Georgia Plumbing Experts at 770-744-0210 in Cartersville, GA and the surrounding area. We will send one of our technicians out to your location as soon as possible to get the situation under control.