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If your home’s appliances run on natural gas or propane, your gas line is a critical part of the delivery process. If it becomes broken, ruptured or blocked, the gas won’t make it to your home and your stove, water heater or furnace won’t work. It will also create a safety hazard, which is why having access to a reputable service provider is so important.

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About the Gas Line

Your gas line houses the natural gas or propane as it comes from outside the house to your various appliances to keep them running properly. This may include the oven, water heater, furnace, dishwasher and others. Naturally, you want the gas line to remain in good condition without any issues, because if there is a leak you may end up with natural gas or propane inside your house, which creates a serious risk of explosion or fire.

Signs of a Leak You Should Know

Even though your gas line is very safe and the chances of a leak are minimal, it’s also important to be conscious of possible signs that you have a leak. If you are aware, you can take action quickly and keep the likelihood of trouble low. The most noticeable sign of a gas line leak is a strong, unpleasant smell of rotten eggs. There is an additive in your gas line that creates this smell to let you know that there’s a leak. You may also hear the sound of hissing along with the smell, as the gas escapes from your cracked or split gas line.

Can I Try DIY Installation?

If you need a new gas line installed in your home, you may have the thought that you want to save a few dollars and do it yourself. Keep in mind that there may be regulations that prohibit DIY gas line installation, and even if there aren’t it is extremely dangerous and should only be performed by professionals.

A serious situation like a gas line leak needs fast action, because one quick spark could trigger an explosion. Call Georgia Plumbing Experts at 770-744-0210 in Cartersville, GA and the surrounding area for a safe solution to your gas line issue.