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A burst pipe is considered a plumbing emergency most of the time, and for good reason. When a pipe bursts, its contents are pouring into the surrounding space, and if that space happens to be in your basement, kitchen, or behind a wall, the water damage adds up quickly. If you have ever seen a burst water main on the street you can get an idea of how quickly the water comes out. Burst pipes are serious business, and you need to take quick action.

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Important Steps to Take

When you realize that a pipe has burst on your property, the first thing you should do is find the main water shut off and stop the flow of water. Locating this valve ahead of time is always a good preparation step. Next, you should call your local plumber and explain the situation. Follow any tips they have to share, then wait for help to arrive.

Health Risks of DIY Cleanup

If the water main shut off seems to work, some homeowners will attempt to clean the mess themselves. This can pose a health risk to your family, and is highly discouraged. The water that gets into your home from a burst pipe may contain bacteria or viruses that can harm everyone’s health, and if proper cleanup methods aren’t followed, you may be asking for trouble.

Do You Have a Plumber Yet?

No one wants to anticipate a burst pipe, but just in case it does happen, you may want to source a good plumber now. It doesn’t cost you anything to find a plumber that has the experience and skill to meet your needs, and you’ll have the number ready to go if you ever have a burst pipe. This strategy saves valuable time when the water is flowing, because all you have to do is make the call, and you know what type of plumber you’re going to get.

If a pipe has burst on your property, or you just want to find a high quality plumber in case you have a burst pipe in the future, call Georgia Plumbing Experts. When you dial 770-744-0210 in Cartersville, GA and the surrounding area, we will send one of our expert plumbers to take charge of the situation and minimize the damage.