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Most homeowners that encounter a serious plumbing issue wish they had the phone number of a great plumber willing  to get the situation under control quickly. Most of the time, you have to rush around, trying to find a plumber and you may end up settling for someone that isn’t willing or knowledgeable. Luckily, you can help yourself by finding a good plumber, even before you need one. This way, you can take your time and select a competent plumber that meets all your needs, then call right away when help is needed.

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Why Pipes Burst and Leak

Burst pipes are terribly disruptive and potentially dangerous, and while you can’t always predict when one will occur, there are a few common reasons they happen. A pipe can burst because it is older and the structure has worn thin. It can also burst from a serious blockage or from tree roots growing into it, and it can burst if the water inside the pipes freezes and expands. If you have older pipes, or feel like your pipes may be at risk, give us a call or click here for help.

Drain Clog Prevention

Preventing a drain clog is as easy as carefully monitoring what you allow to go into the drains in your home. Excess toilet paper in the toilet, hair and soap in the shower or tub, and food particles or cooking grease in the kitchen are some of the main culprits. If you can get everyone in your house on board with keeping those items out, you’ll be well on your way to clean drains.

Advantages of Tankless Water Heaters

Even though you may be comfortable with your water tank style water heater, a tankless water heater will give you benefits that are hard to ignore. These include an endless supply of hot water, and hot water on demand, whenever you need it. Running out of hot water is the main complaint of using a tank, but with a tankless water heater, running out is never an issue. You may also see a savings on your natural gas or electric bill.

Additional Plumbing Services in Rockmart, GA:

• Gas Leak Detection
• Clogged Toilet Repair
• Sewer Line Repair
• Water Pipe and Drain Line Repiping
• Kitchen Plumbing
• Drain Cleaning
• Slab Leak Repair
• Water Heater Repair & Installation
• Burst Pipe Repair
• Gas Line Repair & Installation

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