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For all the time we spend in our kitchens, the plumbing system often ends up taking quite a beating. Kitchen sinks are among the most common in the house to become clogged, and getting them cleared out properly can be quite a challenge. If you enjoy your time in the kitchen and want to keep your kitchen plumbing in top shape all year round, finding a high quality plumber to help is key.

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Preventing Kitchen Plumbing Troubles

When it comes to keeping your kitchen plumbing running well and without issue, most of it is up to you. The clogs and blockages are usually from the things you allow to go down your kitchen drain, so it stands to reason that you can prevent most clogs by limiting what goes down there. If you minimize the amount of food particles, paper towel pieces and cooking grease that ends up down the drain, you’ll see far fewer clogs and backups.

Do Your Sinks & Faucets Need Replacing?

Kitchen sinks and faucets tend to last for quite a long time, but eventually new ones need to be added to keep the kitchen functioning well and to keep it aesthetically pleasing. When kitchen faucets leak, even a little bit, you can end up losing hundreds of gallons of water per year. It’s important to notice leaky faucets and take action to have them fixed as soon as possible. You should also watch for signs of moisture around the edges of your sink, because this may signal a bad seal or other issue that needs attention.

Don’t Clog the Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are designed to take food items and churn them up into liquid, but you can overdo it if you aren’t careful. Trying to send large pieces of food, bones and other items that can’t be pulverized quickly should be avoided. You’ll end up causing clogs in the pipes and messing up your plumbing system. It’s easy to forget that the garbage disposal is directly connected to your plumbing, but if the pipes aren’t clear, all that food will have nowhere to go.

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