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A broken or damaged sewer line is one of the more troubling plumbing situations you can encounter, especially when it happens inside your home. The sight and smell of sewage is enough to drive everyone out, and sometimes everyone has to leave because of potential health issues. Getting the situation under control quickly is crucial, but the DIY approach is never a good idea, so it’s wise to find an experienced plumber to tackle this unpleasant job for you.

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Common Signs of a Damaged Sewer Line

If your sewer line has been ruptured or there’s a serious back up, you’ll smell the results and the signs will be impossible to miss. Anyone will stand up and take notice at the smell of sewage in their home, and this one almost forces you to take quick action. You may also notice strange gurgling noises coming from your drains if there is a problem with the sewer line. If you’re lucky you won’t have to see wastewater backing up into your house, because that’s a sign no one should have to encounter.

Never Wait Until Tomorrow

If you start noticing some unpleasant odors or hear the gurgling sounds, but everything is still tolerable, you should still call a professional in to see what’s happening. If it’s nothing, then you can feel happy you don’t have any sewer line breaks or ruptures. If it is something, you can have it addressed and dealt with before it gets worse and you have a serious situation on your hands. Along with being messy and unpleasant, wastewater also has the potential to carry bacteria and other harmful substances that can endanger your family’s health.

Blasting Through Sewer Line Clogs

If you have a sewer line blockage that won’t seem to budge, a technique known as hydrojetting, or water jetting may be used to break through and clear the line. Hydrojetting uses water under high pressure to hammer through whatever is in the way, so the sewer line is clear and the problem is resolved read this article. The water pressure can reach 4,000 psi if necessary, so hydrojetting is only used when all else fails.

Since a sewer line backup or rupture is such a messy, unpleasant experience, it makes sense to call in an expert to handle the problem. When you call Georgia Plumbing Experts at 770-744-0210 we will send one of our specialists to your Cartersville, GA home to provide you with a safe and quick solution.