Announcing National Kitchen & Bathroom Month

Announcing National Kitchen & Bathroom Month

If you are contemplating a kitchen or bathroom remodel, you may be pleased to learn that October is National Kitchen and Bathroom month. Did you also know that October is the most popular month for kitchen and bath renovations? Take advantage of all of the resources that are out right now to plan your kitchen or bathroom project. There is inspiration everywhere!

While you are in the planning phases of your project, here are some points to consider.

The Shower or Tub Debate

It can be hard to decide whether you prefer a shower or a tub, but there are a few criteria that can help you choose. If you have limited space, are interested in saving energy by using less water and like the quick efficiency of a shower over a bath, then a shower is for you. Also, if you have mobility issues, a walk-in shower is a great solution to simplify your life and reduce the risk of injury.

However, if you have small children or covet the ability to recline luxuriously in a tub to soothe sore muscles, you may prefer to have a tub. One drawback to tubs is that they take up more space, and they require greater water heating power, so you need to have that capacity in both regards. You can always opt for a shower/bath combination too, which is one of the most standard fixtures you’ll see in bathrooms across the country.

This Year’s Hot Kitchens

Busy homeowners are all about making their spaces work for them, and not the other way around. That means expensive islands with lots of room to cook. Parents also like being able to have space in the kitchen where they can cook dinner while supervising kids doing homework.

Storage and task-based items are always necessary. People are leaning towards bright areas with built-in storage (like cabinets with pull-out drawers) and under mount lighting. Also, very popular this years are metallic hood fans and blingy light fixtures, both serving as attractive focal points in the room.

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This Year’s Hot Bathrooms

Neutral color palettes that help create a spa-like atmosphere continue to be popular (think soft greens, blues and earth tones). Standalone tubs are all the rage, as are upscale finishes like quartz and pebble flooring. Energy efficiency is also the order of the day, with more people picking options like low-flow toilets and showers.

Don’t Fall into the Trend Trap

When making your plans for your remodel, resist the urge to be too outrageous in your choices. Although a bright color or crazy pattern may appeal to you on a whim, it will get dated in a hurry.

Also use quality as your main guide. When it comes to kitchens and bathrooms, you often get what you invest in. Considering the high traffic in both those areas, make sure you install permanent fixtures and plumbing to support them.


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