10 Reasons You Should Be Drinking Filtered Water

10 Benefits of an Advanced Water Filtration System

Water is part and parcel of human life. Without water, the human body will fail to function properly. However, not all water is fit for human consumption and use. And not all water that is clear is clean. The water we get from water companies is mostly clear, and we may not know what dirt is in the water that may be harmful to our health.

To ensure that you are protected against any consequences that come with dirty and contaminated water, it is advisable to get an advanced water filtration system. There are many types of water filtration system on the market. Just contact the nearest plumbing company to guide you through the process of selecting the right one. Below are ten benefits of having an advanced water filtration system in your Cartersville home.

Cartersville, GA water-filter-installation-2Better Tasting and Smelling Drinking Water

The water you get from the tap may be contaminated with dirt and other stuff that make it have bad taste and bad smell, which makes it uncomfortable to use for drinking, cooking, or bathing.

With a water filter, the water can be made better by removing all the contaminants to make the water have better taste and smell. One of the common chemicals that makes water have a bad taste is chlorine. Water contamination as it is transported from the source to your home may also result in bad taste and smell. Therefore, get an advanced water filtration system to clean the water.

Cheaper Than Bottled Water

A water filtration system will cost less than bottled water in the long run. Though the initial cost of setting up an advanced water filtration system may be high, you are assured of clean, healthy water at a lower cost.

Other hidden costs come with bottled water such as going to the shop or supermarket to get the water. With an advanced water filtration system, you do not have to worry about water getting finished as you have plenty of supply in the house at a cheaper cost.

Reduces the Risk of Certain Cancers

The tap water in the house that has not been purified contains chlorine. Some of the cancers that one risks getting include rectal, colon, and bladder cancer.

By having water filtered, the chances of getting these diseases is significantly reduced. One thing you should note is that chlorine is the cheapest way to disinfect water but not the safest way to treat water. According to recent studies, people that drink chlorinated water have a higher risk of getting cancer compared to those who use water that does not contain chlorine.

Removes Dangerous Water Contaminants

If water is not treated using an advanced water filtration system, there may be several water contaminants in it. Research shows that there are more than 2000 water contaminants that can be found in untreated water. With a good water filter installation done in your Cartersville home, dangerous contaminants can be selectively removed from water while leaving healthy mineral components to balance the pH of the water edrxcare.com.

Better Health

With an advanced water filtration system, you get clean, pure water that protects you from diseases and consequently better health. Due to increased cases of water-related diseases and cancers, it is recommended that people install water filters to reduce the exposure to heavy metals that cause cancer.

With an advanced water filtration system, you have a barrier that protects you and your family against such dangerous components. There are many carcinogenic and endocrine-disrupting chemicals that may be present in water and can easily be eliminated with water filtration systems.

Protects Against Toxins

With a water filtration system, you are getting a last of defense between the body and contaminants that may be present in untreated water. It’s nice to have a water filter installation done as it will make the water safe for drinking. However, note that the level of water filtration varies depending on the type of water filter. Therefore, seek the services of a higher qualified plumber or experienced plumbing company to advise on which to install.

Cartersville, GA water-filter-installationGood For Pregnant Women

It has been proved that women who drink clean, healthy water give birth to healthy children compared to those who drink untreated water.

With an advanced water treatment system, a woman is assured of clean drinking water free from contaminants that cause severe birth defects.

Clean and Healthy Drinking Water

There are lots of benefits associated with drinking clean, purified water. Each body cell and organ highly depend on clean water.

Using an advanced water filtration system, chemicals that may cause internal body reactions are removed. These reduce the discomfort that they may cause. One of the body organs that greatly benefits from filtered water is the skin. Medical practitioners have shown that people that drink lots of clean, purified water have kinder skins.

Minimal Maintenance Costs

Most water filtration systems have very minimal maintenance costs. The reason for the low cost of maintenance is because most do not use electricity. The only thing that needs to be changed once in a while is the filter. The filter is not expensive to replace. Once the installation is in place, you will have very minimal recurring costs.

Better For Your Children’s Health

Growing children consume lots of water. With an advanced water filtration system, children get clean, healthy water that is good for their mental and physical growth. To enable children’s good physical growth and general health, install a water filtration system that supplies water to the whole house.

Children sometimes may fail to differentiate clean water and untreated water. They will just drink water as long as they see it is clear. With a water filtration system installed, you reduce the risk of then drinking untreated water.

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