Announcing National Kitchen & Bathroom Month

Announcing National Kitchen & Bathroom Month

If you are contemplating a kitchen or bathroom remodel, you may be pleased to learn that October is National Kitchen and Bathroom month. Did you also know that October is the most popular month for kitchen and bath renovations? Take advantage of all of the resources that are out right now to plan your kitchen or bathroom project. There is inspiration everywhere!

While you are in the planning phases of your project, here are some points to consider.

The Shower or Tub Debate

It can be hard to decide whether you prefer a shower or a tub, but there are a few criteria that can help you choose. If you have limited space, are interested in saving energy by using less water and like the quick efficiency of a shower over a bath, then a shower is for you. Also, if you have mobility issues, a walk-in shower is a great solution to simplify your life and reduce the risk of injury.

However, if you have small children or covet the ability to recline luxuriously in a tub to soothe sore muscles, you may prefer to have a tub. One drawback to tubs is that they take up more space, and they require greater water heating power, so you need to have that capacity in both regards. You can always opt for a shower/bath combination too, which is one of the most standard fixtures you’ll see in bathrooms across the country.

This Year’s Hot Kitchens

Busy homeowners are all about making their spaces work for them, and not the other way around. That means expensive islands with lots of room to cook. Parents also like being able to have space in the kitchen where they can cook dinner while supervising kids doing homework.

Storage and task-based items are always necessary. People are leaning towards bright areas with built-in storage (like cabinets with pull-out drawers) and under mount lighting. Also, very popular this years are metallic hood fans and blingy light fixtures, both serving as attractive focal points in the room.

This Year’s Hot Bathrooms

Neutral color palettes that help create a spa-like atmosphere continue to be popular (think soft greens, blues and earth tones). Standalone tubs are all the rage, as are upscale finishes like quartz and pebble flooring. Energy efficiency is also the order of the day, with more people picking options like low-flow toilets and showers.

Don’t Fall into the Trend Trap

When making your plans for your remodel, resist the urge to be too outrageous in your choices. Although a bright color or crazy pattern may appeal to you on a whim, it will get dated in a hurry.

Also use quality as your main guide. When it comes to kitchens and bathrooms, you often get what you invest in. Considering the high traffic in both those areas, make sure you install permanent fixtures and plumbing to support them.


Your home is important to you, which is why you should work with an expert at Georgia Plumbing Experts in Cartersville, GA who can complete your kitchen or bath remodel with great skill and professionalism. Give us a call today at (770)-744-0210.

Home Security System Updates: Why Summer Is the Best Time

Home Security System Updates: Why Summer Is the Best Time

Summertime is here. It’s that long-awaited time of the year meant for leisure and relaxation. It’s a time for fun with your family, and often, it’s an opportunity for homeowners to take on some home-improvement projects.

We all want to provide a safe living environment for our families. Summer can be the ideal time to review and improve the safety and security of your home. Here are just a few things you can do this summer to help ensure your family’s safety.

Look For Areas of Vulnerability

Take some time to walk around the outside of your home and look at it with an objective eye. Look for any weak spots from a security perspective. Are there any doors or windows that could be easily broken into? Are there areas that are poorly lit or not visible by passersby on the street or neighbors? Perhaps you have fences, gates or doors that are beginning to show the signs of age.

Then, do a similar inspection from the inside of your house. Your indoor survey should also include looking for areas that may not be adequately protected by smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and making sure that there are clear and easy escape routes from every part of your home in the event of an emergency.

Addressing The Problem Areas and Improving Your Home’s Security System

Now that you have a clear picture of the security weak spots in and around your home, you can take the necessary steps to fix them.

You can quickly bolster the effectiveness of your home security system by adding more motion sensors inside and outside your home. Outdoor sensors that are connected to security lighting can act as an effective deterrent against break-ins. Inside, motion sensors can trigger your alarm system to alert you and law enforcement of an intruder in your home.

Create a Safety Plan

With the kids home from school, now is an ideal time to work out and practice a plan of what your family should do in the event of an emergency. Your safety plan should cover what to do in case of fire or burglary but can also extend to other emergencies such as flooding, hurricanes or gas leaks.

In your home safety plan, you should establish primary and alternate meeting areas both inside and outside of the house for your family to gather in an emergency. Ideal indoor gathering areas are ones that are closest to the ground and have no windows. The outdoor meeting areas are destinations to go to when evacuation is necessary, like a fire or gas leak. Children are often visual learners so drawing a color-coded map of escape routes and meeting areas can be very helpful.

Children should be taught to recognize the difference between the sound of a smoke detector and a carbon monoxide alarm. Everyone in the house, except for very young kids, should also be trained on how to use a fire extinguisher correctly.

Teach your children how to call for help. By knowing how to dial 911 (and under what circumstances it should be dialed) and being able to recite their full address, they will have the ability to call for emergency help if you cannot.

With your emergency plan in place, the only thing left to do is to rehearse. You may want to do one or two tests giving everyone warning of the practice run, and then follow it with surprise drills.

For more home safety tips and professional advice, call the friendly technicians at Georgia Plumbing Experts in Cartersville, GA at 770-744-0210.

How to Get Your House Ready When Going on Vacation

How to Get Your House Ready When Going on Vacation

TravelAre you planning a vacation this season? Going away for an extended period? Somewhere between arranging a pet-sitter and packing your swimsuits and sunblock, there are several home maintenance steps you should take to prepare your home for when you go away.

Make sure the following steps are added to your going-away-checklist to ensure your home is protected against plumbing emergencies and to give yourself peace of mind when you are away:

Step 1: Clean the Garbage Disposal

Nothing is worse than coming home from a relaxing vacation to find a pungent smell coming from somewhere in the kitchen. A dirty garbage disposal left on its own for a few weeks runs the risk of growing mold, rotting food and creating a gross mess in your sink. One of the fastest and easiest ways to clean the disposal is by letting it run while pouring warm water and a little bit of white vinegar down the drain too quickly clean the blades and ensure you won’t come home to an awful smell.

Step 2: Turn off the Water Valve

Making sure the main water valve is turned off will prevent any accidental water damage from occurring in your home from burst pipes, water leaks or other issues that may arise. Turning off the water will also save you money if you have a dripping faucet. It may seem like a small step to take, but if it helps with home maintenance, prevents damage and saves money while you’re gone, why not take a couple of extra minutes to do it.

Step 3: Disconnect Appliancesdisconnect-appliances

Depending on how long you will be away for, it’s also probably worth it to disconnect your appliances. Smaller appliances such as your microwave or toaster can be easily disconnected, but it’s also a good idea to unplug your stove, oven and even your refrigerator if you are going to be gone for an extended period. If you disconnect your fridge or freezer, make sure they are empty so that no food will go bad.

Step 4: Set your Water Heater to Vacation Mode

Gas-powered water heaters usually have a setting on them called “vacation mode.” This mode turns down the heat on your water heater and uses a more efficient setting to conserve energy while the water heater is not in use. Newer water heaters allow homeowners to program the vacation mode settings. How it usually works is that the water heater will lie idle while you are gone and then turn back on the day before you return so that hot water is available on the day you programmed vacation mode to end.

For water heaters that do not have this feature, only turn down the thermostat to the lowest setting or turn the water heater off completely. You simply need to remember to turn it back on when you return.

For help with your home maintenance vacation checklist, call the team at Georgia Plumbing Experts in Cartersville, GA. Our licensed technicians can help keep your home safe. Call 770-744-0210 for more information today.

Five Projects to do at Home before Fourth of July

Five Projects to do at Home before Fourth of July

The 4th of July is the time to celebrate with family and friends. Before you celebrate, it’s time to complete some home improvement projects. Some of the important home projects you can carry out before the 4th of July weekend include:

faucet1. Inspect outdoor faucets and water catchment systems

Make sure to examine your outdoor faucets to verify that they are all in proper working conditions. If you notice any of the faucets is not in functional condition, organize for an immediate replacement. Faucets replacement units can be promptly acquired at your regional home improvement shop and with the assistance of an expert plumber, you will certainly obtain the precise replacement size for your outdoor faucets.

Given that is would greatly benefit you to retain rain water and also conserve the highest possible quantities of water throughout the summer season, it is imperative that you inspect your water catchment systems, which includes rain gutters and water retainers. Thoroughly clean out both the rain gutters and the water retainers, and in case you are unable to perform this task, engage the assistance of an expert.

2. Yard care pointers and landscape enhancements

Other important home improvement projects are landscaping and beautifying your yard. You might even be able to enhance your curbs appeal, plus the apparent value of your home, by merely upgrading your lawn. The addition of a couple of vibrant blooming plants such as daisies, irises, and asters can significantly contribute towards ensuring your home appeals to the eye. Be sure to trim all of the trees and bushes that need trimming and prune whatever requires pruning. Pruning assists the plants to grow faster. While you walk about your lawn or backyard, it is important always to keep a keen eye out for any future issues in your yard.

3. Cleaning up and upgrading the deckDeck Maintenance

Pinning down loose floor boards is among the most basic home improvement projects. With the use of appropriate tools, including a hammer, screwdriver, nails, or screws, you can quickly refasten any loose boards to the framing of the deck. As soon as you are finished repairing your deck, it is advisable to clean it up. Summertime provides homeowners with the perfect climatic conditions to productively refinish sun decks by either oiling the wood or removing the old paint to repaint the deck afresh. Applying a stunning gloss to a wooden deck will adequately safeguard the overall appearance of your deck.

4. Repave where necessary

The summer season provides an ideal time to repave your driveway successfully, particularly with the assurance of perfect climatic conditions. You will accomplish far better repaving outcomes because tar adheres better during the summer.

lawn care5.Replacing and fixing windows

The repair work done on doors and windows is relatively simple. To effectively add caulk, you will need to have a putty knife, caulk, and caulking gun. If it is your first time caulking, we suggest you start by practicing on a piece of lumber. Remember, the trick is to move your hand steadily and use the exact amount of pressure when squeezing out the caulk. In case your windows are either broken or spoilt beyond repair, the best option is to have them replaced. Before you decide to install the replacement windows, it is necessary to obtain quotes related to this project early in the summer season.

An important step, one that would guarantee your summertime projects are successful, is the identification of a reputable and trustworthy home improvement store, preferably one that consists of expert and skilled specialists.

For productive and efficient home improvement in Cartersville, GA, please contact Georgia Plumbing Experts at (770)744-0210.

Stop Taking Water for Granted! Conserve it!

Stop Taking Water for Granted! Conserve it!

As the availability of fresh water is being taken for granted, the problem of water waste is becoming more apparent. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that well over 150 gallons of water is used per day by the average American household.

world-water-conservation_360I know what you’re thinking – with all the water on our planet’s surface, why are we so worried about water conservation? We should have plenty of water, right? Not exactly.

It is true that more than 75% of the Earth’s surface is composed of water. However, the caveat is that not all the water on Earth is drinkable.

In actuality, only about 3% of the Earth’s water is drinkable, according to data provided by the Environmental Protection Agency. The rest is mostly seawater. However, seawater can be deadly to humans. The old phrase “Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink” comes to mind here.

How Salt Water Kills You

Your body’s excretory system, which includes your kidneys and bladder, is tasked with maintaining a balance of water and certain other chemicals (including salt) inside your body.

When you drink salt water, your body must release more water to maintain that balance. That water comes from your cells. Since your cells are now losing water in order to maintain equilibrium, you will begin to feel more thirsty.

As you drink more salt water, you go further into the danger zone until there’s so much salt in your system that your cells can no longer maintain equilibrium. In extreme cases, your kidneys will shut down, and you will die from dehydration.

So where does our drinking water come from?

Our drinking water comes from the many freshwater streams and rivers, aquifers, glaciers and the polar ice cap. However, compared to the amount of water in the Earth’s oceans, that is merely a drop in the bucket. Worse, the Earth’s population is growing very quickly. This, combined with stresses caused by climate change, is putting our water supply in danger of running dry.

Desalination is the Future

conserve-waterSome countries, such as the Middle Eastern countries, Australia and Singapore have already begun to turn to desalinating ocean water.

Even the United States has a few desalination plants up and running, with several more in the works.

However, according to an article from, desalinization has a big drawback. For many areas, the process is highly impractical, at least at the present.

The state of California has spent over $1 billion on a desalinization plant that only provides approximately 7% of the San Diego area’s drinking water needs – at a cost of about $5 per 1,000 gallons. By comparison, that is roughly twice the amount we pay for traditional freshwater.

So what’s making the process so expensive? The main problem is the energy needs for the desalinization plants. The article mentioned above estimates that the process uses approximately 200 million kilowatt-hours of energy per day.

To put that in perspective, that is more than half the operating costs of these desalination plants. That makes desalination highly impractical for many countries.

However, that is not to say that desalinization won’t be a viable option in the future. Scientists are already making headway in making the desalinization process much more cost-efficient.

For example, plans are already underway for creating desalinization plants that operate off renewable energy sources, which plans to cut costs by a large factor. You can get more information on this matter here.

Water Conservation is a Must

Until we can find a more economically feasible way to desalinate ocean water, we will need to conserve as much water as possible. Fortunately, this is easier than you may think – by doing something even as small as fixing a dripping water faucet, it is estimated that you can save well over 2,000 gallons per year. Here are some other ways you can help to reduce your water waste:

bathing-a-dog-outdoors_480Take showers instead of baths – Showers use less water than baths. Try to keep your showers as short as possible, so that you waste as little water as possible.

Use a bucket to wash your car – Hoses use water constantly, and much of the water that is used goes on the ground. A bucket and sponge are far more water-efficient – not only are you using less water, but you’re also wasting less water as well.

Use water-efficient fixtures – Most Water-efficient fixtures will carry the EPA’s WaterSense seal. Look for that seal when purchasing your water fixtures. These fixtures are designed to make efficient use of your water, and most of them look good as well!

Fix all leaks – You will be surprised at how much water you’re wasting just by allowing a faucet to drip 24/7. Call a professional to have the leak fixed.

Contact Georgia Plumbing Experts for a free estimate!

If you have a leaky faucet, contact Georgia Plumbing Experts at (770) 744-0210 as soon as possible, and help reduce water waste in Cartersville, GA. You’ll be glad you did when you look at your next water bill!

10 Reasons You Should Be Drinking Filtered Water

10 Benefits of an Advanced Water Filtration System

Water is part and parcel of human life. Without water, the human body will fail to function properly. However, not all water is fit for human consumption and use. And not all water that is clear is clean. The water we get from water companies is mostly clear, and we may not know what dirt is in the water that may be harmful to our health.

To ensure that you are protected against any consequences that come with dirty and contaminated water, it is advisable to get an advanced water filtration system. There are many types of water filtration system on the market. Just contact the nearest plumbing company to guide you through the process of selecting the right one. Below are ten benefits of having an advanced water filtration system in your Cartersville home.

Cartersville, GA water-filter-installation-2Better Tasting and Smelling Drinking Water

The water you get from the tap may be contaminated with dirt and other stuff that make it have bad taste and bad smell, which makes it uncomfortable to use for drinking, cooking, or bathing.

With a water filter, the water can be made better by removing all the contaminants to make the water have better taste and smell. One of the common chemicals that makes water have a bad taste is chlorine. Water contamination as it is transported from the source to your home may also result in bad taste and smell. Therefore, get an advanced water filtration system to clean the water.

Cheaper Than Bottled Water

A water filtration system will cost less than bottled water in the long run. Though the initial cost of setting up an advanced water filtration system may be high, you are assured of clean, healthy water at a lower cost.

Other hidden costs come with bottled water such as going to the shop or supermarket to get the water. With an advanced water filtration system, you do not have to worry about water getting finished as you have plenty of supply in the house at a cheaper cost.

Reduces the Risk of Certain Cancers

The tap water in the house that has not been purified contains chlorine. Some of the cancers that one risks getting include rectal, colon, and bladder cancer.

By having water filtered, the chances of getting these diseases is significantly reduced. One thing you should note is that chlorine is the cheapest way to disinfect water but not the safest way to treat water. According to recent studies, people that drink chlorinated water have a higher risk of getting cancer compared to those who use water that does not contain chlorine.

Removes Dangerous Water Contaminants

If water is not treated using an advanced water filtration system, there may be several water contaminants in it. Research shows that there are more than 2000 water contaminants that can be found in untreated water. With a good water filter installation done in your Cartersville home, dangerous contaminants can be selectively removed from water while leaving healthy mineral components to balance the pH of the water

Better Health

With an advanced water filtration system, you get clean, pure water that protects you from diseases and consequently better health. Due to increased cases of water-related diseases and cancers, it is recommended that people install water filters to reduce the exposure to heavy metals that cause cancer.

With an advanced water filtration system, you have a barrier that protects you and your family against such dangerous components. There are many carcinogenic and endocrine-disrupting chemicals that may be present in water and can easily be eliminated with water filtration systems.

Protects Against Toxins

With a water filtration system, you are getting a last of defense between the body and contaminants that may be present in untreated water. It’s nice to have a water filter installation done as it will make the water safe for drinking. However, note that the level of water filtration varies depending on the type of water filter. Therefore, seek the services of a higher qualified plumber or experienced plumbing company to advise on which to install.

Cartersville, GA water-filter-installationGood For Pregnant Women

It has been proved that women who drink clean, healthy water give birth to healthy children compared to those who drink untreated water.

With an advanced water treatment system, a woman is assured of clean drinking water free from contaminants that cause severe birth defects.

Clean and Healthy Drinking Water

There are lots of benefits associated with drinking clean, purified water. Each body cell and organ highly depend on clean water.

Using an advanced water filtration system, chemicals that may cause internal body reactions are removed. These reduce the discomfort that they may cause. One of the body organs that greatly benefits from filtered water is the skin. Medical practitioners have shown that people that drink lots of clean, purified water have kinder skins.

Minimal Maintenance Costs

Most water filtration systems have very minimal maintenance costs. The reason for the low cost of maintenance is because most do not use electricity. The only thing that needs to be changed once in a while is the filter. The filter is not expensive to replace. Once the installation is in place, you will have very minimal recurring costs.

Better For Your Children’s Health

Growing children consume lots of water. With an advanced water filtration system, children get clean, healthy water that is good for their mental and physical growth. To enable children’s good physical growth and general health, install a water filtration system that supplies water to the whole house.

Children sometimes may fail to differentiate clean water and untreated water. They will just drink water as long as they see it is clear. With a water filtration system installed, you reduce the risk of then drinking untreated water.

For quality services in your Cartersville, GA home, call Georgia Plumbing Experts at (770) 744-0210.

Get Your Cartersville Home Water Heater Checked Out

How to Light Your Water Heater

The water heating system is a complex appliance and contains many delicate components to maintain its performance. It isn’t uncommon, however, for the water heating system’s pilot light to go out.

If you have returned from a trip or suddenly find yourself having to re-light the pilot light on your Cartersville home water heater, follow these steps for maximum safety.

Canton, GA lighting-water-heatersWhat Are the Steps to Lighting a Pilot Light if it Has Gone Out?

The very first step is to shut off the gas completely. Gas can still be present even if the pilot light isn’t lit, so it is important to perform all water heater repair work only after the unit has been shut off. Next, you need to locate the gas valve. The setting should be changed to “pilot” and the valve should be pushed down.

It should remain held down in order to release the flow of gas through the tubing. Once the indicator light switches on, the pilot can be lit. Once you’ve lit the pilot light, continue to press the control button.

The button may have to be pressed for at least a minute or more. Release the control button and switch the setting to “on”. You may have to repeat the process again if unsuccessful on the first attempt.

Cleaning the Parts as a Step in Troubleshooting

There are several reasons why the pilot light can’t be successfully lit. Remember to turn off the gas prior to cleaning any of the parts. The first water heater repair step to take is to disassemble parts, and wipe them clean.

Clear out any obstructions in the valves, venting, thermocouple, pilot tube thermostat and all other components that are accessible in your Cartersville home. Once you’ve cleaned the parts, perform the steps above once more.

After Cleaning the Parts, the Unit Still Won’t Remain Hit

The next troubleshooting step is to check and verify that the thermocouple isn’t bent. If the thermocouple happens to be bent in the wrong direction, the pilot light may have trouble being lit.

The thermocouple should always be bent toward the pilot light. Again, it’s extremely important that the thermocouple has had a chance to cool down properly. Additionally, the gas should be turned off prior to bending the thermocouple.

Check to see whether or not the vent is positioned correctly. A vent with holes in it or poorly positioned could cause problems with the pilot light. The vent should be facing toward upward. This is to prevent any problems with backdraft. The vent cannot share its space with the one dedicated to the furnace.

What Happens if the System Still Doesn’t Light Properly?

That means that the water tank may have parts that need to be replaced. A bad gas valve could cause re-lighting issues. If the gas valve is bad, the gas can’t travel to the burner or reach the pilot light. The thermostat could have also gone bad. The thermocouple actually be damaged. Parts failure is a common reason for a malfunctioning system.

Basic Recommendations for a Gas Water Heater

The water heating unit should be inspected at least once a year. The air intake area should never be obstructed. The gas water heater should also be placed on either a metal or wooden surface.

Every two months the relief valve should be opened temporarily. The relief should be replaced if there are problems opening and shutting it. Any corrosive elements should be stored far from the unit. As a part of maintenance plan, a professional will make sure that all of the minor repairs required like parts replacement will be professionally handled.

What Are the Most Common Reasons a System Fails?

Canton, GA lighting-water-heaters-2One of the most common reasons for pilot and other problems is neglect. The system should be regularly inspected and damaged parts should be replaced. Poor installation is another common water system problem. If the installation wasn’t performed by a professional, a number of things could wrong.

Insufficient safety devices are another common reason for system failure. There are devices that can detect both change in pressure as well as change in temperature. These devices are usually affordable to install. Incorrect temperature settings can also be a factor in water heating system damage.

Obstructions in the venting can restrict airflow. This means that the pressure can build up and release gas into the area. It can also cause the burner to malfunction.

Sometimes, parts just have to be replaced by a professional experienced with water heating tank repairs. If you have found that none of the basic troubleshooting or cleaning steps have resolved the issue, consider contacting a professional repair technician to replace the parts.

Parts have to be replaced from time to time on the unit because of its age.

Minor maintenance performed keeps the system reliable for years to come. If you need a professional to trouble shoot your water heating system or make any repairs, contact Georgia Plumbing Experts in your Cartersville, GA area at (770) 744-0210 to learn more.

Follow These Tactics to Unclog Your Drain

Plumbers Recommended Technique of How to Unclog a Sink

Almost every Cartersville homeowner has dealt with a clogged sink. When the sink is inoperable because of a clog, you realize how important it is in your daily life.

Cartersville, GA draincleaning_720While there are plenty of drain de-clogging chemicals available at most stores, these can deteriorate pipes and cause other problems. Following are some recommended techniques from plumbers of how to unclog a sink.

Use a Sink Plunger

Using a plunger to flush water through the drain will often break the material causing the clog. When using the plunger approach, first fill the sink with warm water.

Then position the plunger over the drain. If the sink is a double sink, cover the other drain with a cap or washcloth. Next, work the plunger several times in rapid intervals.

Finally, remove the plunger and observe is their is any improvement in the draining. It may take several attempts to dislodge the clog, so the process may need repeating several times.

Use a Cable Auger or “Snake”

A cable auger, sometimes referred to as “snake,” can be used to break up and remove material in the pipes causing the clog. You may need to disconnect the trap from the sink to enable entry into the pipes that lead to the sink.

You will want to have a bucket on hand to catch any water from the pipe. Run the auger through the pipe several times and try to catch any clogs caught by the auger. Repeat the process until the auger ceases to be block by any obstructions. Do not forget to reconnect any pipes to the sink.

Use Household Items

Drains may also be unclogged through use of hot water, vinegar and baking soda. Combine equal amounts of baking soda and vinegar (suggested no more than 1 cup of each) and pour them into the clogged drain. After several minutes, run warm water down the drain. If the sink still does not drain, pour boiling hot water down the drain.

Through following these simple suggestions, clogs may be remedied with little expense or effort. If a clog cannot be easily remedied, then a plumber can assist to determine the issue and remove the obstructions. If you have questions or concerns about your Cartersville home clog, seek out the advice of a plumber before attempting to resolve the problem yourself.

Need assistance with your clogged Cartersville, GA sink? Give Georgia Plumbing Experts a call today at (770) 744-0210 and we would love to help.

What Plumbing Myths Do You Know Of?

The Top Plumbing Myths

With winter quickly approaching, ice and snow may put a damper in your holiday plans. To prevent any unforeseen issues, make sure your Cartersville home pipes and fixtures are ready for the stress of the holidays. While you may be hesitant to spend money on a plumber, understanding the top 5 plumbing myths may help.

Cartersville, GA plumbing_servicesFirst, You May Think that Plumbing is too Expensive

In reality, plumbing is on the lower end of home repair costs unless the problem is very serious. Most common issues won’t take more than an hour or two to fix, and

Second, you May Feel that Plumbing is an Unnecessary Expense

In truth, water damage and broken pipes can cause everything from major leaks to fires. If you allow a professional to check the issues for you, you lessen the risk of major damages.

Third, Plumbers are Unprofessional (and always wear their pants too low.)

Nothing could be further from the truth! Professional plumbers attend to the issue quickly and with minimal fuss to your daily life.

There shouldn’t be any exposed “cracks” either. Plumbers rely on repeat business and word of mouth to spread their customer base. They’ll do the job to the best of their ability.

Forth, Won’t the Plumber Just Stretch the Repair Time?

Like the point above has already stated, professional plumbers have their reputation on the line. That means that they will always try to be the best they can in order to retain you as a customer.

Finally, Why Pay the Professional When I Could Just Do it Myself?

While it is true that you could likely fix whatever issue you are having yourself, by the time you spend the money for the necessary items for the repair, and take the time out of your day to fix it, the plumber will have already preformed a professional grade repair. The work will come with a customer satisfaction guarantee.

It all comes down to convenience and security. When you feel like you’re out of your element, or the job is too large, call the professionals. You’ll get your money’s worth, and you won’t be disappointed.

Don’t make uneducated assumptions about your Cartersville, GA home plumbing system. Call Georgia Plumbing Experts at (770) 744-0210 for the quality you deserve.

Keep Your Pets and Clogged Drains Separated

Pet Owners Plumbing Tips

It might not seem like it, but owning a pet can have quite a big impact on your home’s plumbing system. All pet owners should understand some of the unique risks that a pet will pose to their baths, showers, sewer lines, and the rest of the pipes throughout their home.

If you are a proud pet owner, then take a look at these four tips that will help you keep your Cartersville home drains and pipes clean.

Cartersville, GA drain_cleaning_services1. Invest in Drain Strainers

Even families that don’t have pets will benefit from having a few drain strainers throughout their house. A drain strainer is a plastic, rubber, or metal device that can catch debris before it goes down the drain.

For those that wash their pets indoors, these devices will catch clumps of hair and nail trimmings and prevent them from clogging the pipes.

Drain covers are another excellent investment for families with cats that might want to explore exposed drains.

2. Hide or Secure Your Exposed Pipes and Hoses

Many pets will chew anything that they can get their mouth on, and this includes pipes and hoses. You might be able to prevent a serious plumbing emergency by securing or completely hiding any pipes that your pets have access to.

This is especially important for rubber hoses and gaskets that are appealing to younger pets that are teething.

3. Don’t Flush Pet Products

Even pet products that claim they are flushable could damage your system. While your Cartersville home pipes might not immediately become clogged, this debris will put an unnecessary strain on your plumbing system. Pet owners should also refrain from flushing animal feces down the toilet.

Dogs and cats do not digest food in the same manner as humans, and this means that their feces might contain undigested bones. As a general rule, it is better to throw all of this debris in the trash instead of flushing it.

4. Close Your Toilet Lids

There are a few reasons that all pet owners should keep their toilet lids closed and secured at all times. First, this should be done to protect the pets themselves as the cleaning chemicals in the toilet might be fatal.

The second reason is the fact that some dogs and cats will accidentally drop toys or other items into the toilet where they will disappear down the pipes.

Don’t let your fluffy pup clog up your drain! If you need drain cleaning in your Cartersville, GA home call Georgia Plumbing Experts at (770) 744-0210 today!